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Ghana Survives a Fractious Election But Will the Centre Hold for West Africa’s Model Democracy?

5 mins read Ghana’s fourth Republic plods on, jerkily, but the nation that first...

Fake News and Implications for Democratic Governance

12 mins read Ahead of Ghana’s 2020 elections, concerns of spiraling rise of fake...

False: NDC has not placed an injunction on the investiture of Nana Akuffo-Addo

2 mins read Claim: The legal team of the  National Democratic Congress (NDC), led...

CoronavirusMore Coronavirus

No Evidence to Suggest Penis Enlargement A Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effect

3 mins read CLAIM: A photo circulating and rumours making rounds suggest the COVID-19...

Viral video suggesting Rawlings was seen at his mother’s funeral without observing COVID-19 protocols is dated

2 mins read Rawlings was seen during his mother’s funeral with no mask and...

NDC 2020 Manifesto Launch: Mahama’s Introductory Speech Fact-checked

5 mins read Ahead of the 2020 elections in December, the National Democratic Congress...

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