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How are Members of Parliament elected In Ghana?

3 mins read Ghana’s Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected every four years –...

Viral image suggesting John Mahama was featured on UK’s Guardian newspaper’s front page over Airbus scandal is fake

3 mins read Several Facebook posts claim the UK’s Guardian newspaper featured former president,...

Profile of Alfred Kwame Asiedu Walker (Independent Candidate)

< 1 min read Alfred Walker is the only independent candidate in this year’s...

Profile of Brigitte Akosua Dzogbenuku, flagbearer of the PPP

< 1 min read By Roselena Ahiable  Brigitte Akosua Dzogbenuku is the presidential candidate...

CoronavirusMore Coronavirus

Viral video suggesting Rawlings was seen at his mother’s funeral without observing COVID-19 protocols is dated

2 mins read Rawlings was seen during his mother’s funeral with no mask and...

NDC 2020 Manifesto Launch: Mahama’s Introductory Speech Fact-checked

5 mins read Ahead of the 2020 elections in December, the National Democratic Congress...

Nexus between Information Disorder and Media Framing of the Covid-19 Pandemic

7 mins read Framing of messages and images in the media in the wake...

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