Corrections Policy

If any fresh evidence comes after publication that significantly changes that story, we will promptly clarify, correct or update the story. In the spirit of transparency, explanations will be offered on what warranted the change, why it was made, and when it was made. Please ensure to contact us on any of our public communication channels if any of our publications are deemed unbiased, not evidence-based, or devoid of the principles of balance, transparency and truth. As signatories to the IFCN code of principles, you may independently – and without prior approval from us – report any violation to the IFCN. We do hope, however, that we remain your first point of contact so that amendments can quickly be made where necessary.

Our research, writing, and editing processes are a meticulous passage through a conveyor belt of vetting processes of the claims. This is to guarantee a rigorous verification exercise based on strong evidential support for, or refutation of, the basis of a claim. The end process of the preparation for publication is a mandatory standards review, where the edited work goes through a final check to ensure that it satisfies all the internal protocols of determining truthfulness.

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