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Fake! Elon Musk has not tweeted he intends to buy Snapchat

Claim: Elon Musk has announced in a tweet that he intends to buy Snapchat and deactivate all filters on the platform.

Verdict: DUBAWA Ghana checks reveal that no such tweet was made, and the supposed screenshot is fake.  

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A viral screenshot has been making the rounds on social media in Ghana claiming that businessman and investor Elon Musk has tweeted that he intends to buy multimedia instant messaging site Snapchat and deactivate all visual filters on the platform. 

The screenshot has been the basis for online publications like this and this

The alleged tweet is dated November 20, 2022.

After an eventual purchase of Twitter under controversial circumstances, Elon Musk has gained notoriety for making daring public statements via his Twitter handle that have often gone viral. 

However, an announcement to buy Snapchat immediately after his $44bn Twitter purchase appears to be a long shot. 


Cross-checking Elon Musk’s official Twitter handle @elonmusk, we found that on November 20, 2022, he did not make any post about buying Snapchat from any company. 

A Twitter advanced search using the keyword ‘Snapchat,’ which was mentioned in the alleged tweet, returned no result, suggesting that no such tweet was made between November 19 and 20.

Given that the tweet, if indeed made, could have been deleted, we checked on the archive.org platform, and there was confirmation that no such tweet was made. 

For November 20, 2022, the platform shows that the tweets and retweets made by Musk did not include any mention of Snapchat. This is evidenced here


Based on the above information, we confirm that Elon Musk did not tweet any intention on his part to buy Snapchat and delete all media filters on the site, and all such screenshots are fake.

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