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False; no dragon has been found on Kwahu Mountain

Claim: Social media users claim a dragon has been found on the Kwahu Mountain in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Verdict: False. The dragon is a fake dragon model created for a Spanish television show by Juan Villa Herrero. The image was first published in 2016 on YouTube. 

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Social media users have shared A viral video multiple times, claiming that a dragon has been found dead in Kwahu, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The claim has been disseminated across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. According to the Facebook user, Okwawuman TV Gh, “Dragon found in Kwahu, Dragons still in existence.” The video has amassed over a million views.


DUBAWA utilized a digital verification tool, Invid Video Verification, to extract key frames from the video under scrutiny. Subsequently, key Google reverse image searches were conducted. The result unveiled numerous publications of the video, claiming origins from China and Mexico, among other countries.

However, DUBAWA uncovered a pivotal clue: a 2016 video uploaded by YouTube user Juan Villa Herrero contained the entire video. The video “Juan Villa Herrero artist create fake dragon” provided DUBAWA with additional context.

With this information, DUBAWA embarked on an investigation into the user’s video archive, aiming to uncover additional evidence regarding the authenticity of the dragon depicted.

A search through his videos uncovered one posted on YouTube on February 21, 2016, showcasing the construction process of the prop dragon. 

The video’s Spanish title, translated to English via Google Translate, is “Creating a Dragon for Cuarto Milenio.” Its caption details the step-by-step creation of a dragon over four meters long for the Cuarto Milenio television program in their workshop in Spain.

On August 22, 2016, Herrero also uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, displaying the dragon model outdoors. The Spanish caption of this video translates to English as “So we made the fake dragon.”

Upon comparison, DUBAWA discovered that the dragon model corresponds with the one seen in the misleading videos on social media.

Source: Facebook and YouTube 

                             Viral video                                                                Original Video 


The viral video is not a real dragon from Kwahu Mountain but a prop dragon made for the Cuarto Milenio television in Spain.

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