FALSE! Tyre Stealing Incident Did Not Happen In Ghana’s Ports

CLAIM: Viral video alleges that staff of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority steal tyres of imported vehicles.

FALSE: The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) says the theft did not happen in any of Ghana’s Ports.

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A video that went viral Sunday afternoon claims to be a clandestine recording of staff of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority stealing tyres of imported vehicles. A message that came with the video reads:

“Just look at this, Some workers at the ports Stealing and changing original tires from shipped cars to Ghana. What kind of mindset do some these guys have? Share till these guys are apprehended #GhanaPortsAuthority”


Twitter and Facebook are some of the social media platforms to feature the video; albeit with revised captions.

The video featured three men removing and hiding tyres of imported vehicles parked at the port behind a container.


Preliminary findings suggest this may not have taken place in Ghana. Aside from Ghana, two other African countries- Kenya and Nigeria, are claiming ownership of the video.

In each of these countries, netizens posted and shared the video with various captions; some of which include: “See how Kenyans importing cars are being robbed at the port”; Dirty Business at The Port – Car Tires Exchange on Broad Day Light At The Port; “Watch NPA Staff Stealing Car Tyres”.

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) in a press statement denied claims that the incident happened at its Ports.

“The landmarks and locations identified in the video are not found in the Golden Jubilee Terminal or the Terminal 1 operated by the GPHA and also not in the Private Terminal operated by MPS”


Kenya’s Port Authority has also debunked the allegations. According to the Ports Authority, the background in the video is not that of the Kenya’s ports. More so, one of the container number shown in the video numbered CMAU82858042G1 has never been discharged at any of its Ports.

Meanwhile, DUBAWA has its ears on the ground and will update this post when new facts emerge.


The claim is FALSE in light of the aforementioned evidence; the GPHA as well as Kenya’s Port Authority negate it.

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