Herbal Bitters Have Limitations… Not A Coronavirus Cure

Twitter users said Adutwumwaa Bitters cures coronavirus.

Adumtwumwaa Bitters does not cure coronavirus. Producers of the medicine, Adumtwumwaa Herbal Industries Limited, have emphatically stated that their product cannot and does not cure the deadly virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) says there is no cure, vaccine or specific antiviral medicine to prevent or treat coronavirus at the moment.

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Ghana is one of the lucky African countries which is yet to confirm a case of the coronavirus. Till date, health authorities confirm no live instances of the virus as all 41 suspected cases have tested negative.

Still, the Ghanaian economy’s connection with China where the outbreak originated and the country’s proximity to other Sub-Saharan African countries with confirmed cases such as Nigeria, have put officials on high alert. The possible outbreak of the coronavirus has therefore generated conversations both on traditional and new media.

In recent days, discussions about the COVID-19, especially on social media, have included several claims; one being that “Adutwumwaa Bitters”, produced by Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Limited is the cure for the novel coronavirus.

This assertion left many with several reactions as this mainstream product has been on the Ghanaian market for more than three decades.

On that same day, another user @penyah_enoch tweeted the picture, but this time the caption attributed the cure to Ghana.

Meanwhile, these tweets come nearly five days after the claims started making rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms. On February 28 2020, twitter user with the handle @Ankamagyimi tweeted:


First, Dubawa arranged a phone interview with parties closest to the assertion. The manufacturers of the medicine, Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Limited, when contacted debunked the claim. Subsequently, Yaw Afrifa, a member of the company’s Public Relations Unit, forwarded the image below to us.

In the meantime, the World Health Organization (WHO), the institution leading the world’s response on the COVID-19, says there is no cure yet for the disease. In the Q&A section of its website, the WHO indicates that as of date, there is no vaccine and no specific antiviral medicine to prevent or treat it. 


The evidence from the extensive research disproves the claim that Adutwumwaa Bitters cures coronavirus. This, however, does not mean all hope for a cure is Sisyphean. Scientists around the world are working towards developing a vaccine for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

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