NO! MTN Still Not Behind The Manufacture Of MTN-branded Condoms

CLAIM: MTN allegedly ventured into condom production.

FALSE: MTN is not behind the production of MTN-branded condoms that have recently resurfaced on a section of social media.

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If images circulating some Twitter and WhatsApp platforms, are to be believed, mobile telecommunications giant- MTN, has ventured into condoms manufacturing.

The image shows condoms in MTN’s official yellow colour branding; bearing the company’s logo and the “everywhere you go” slogan of the telecommunication giant on its packaging.

Similarly, the press statement by MTN Ghana in June 2015 comes to mind. This was in response to the viral images regarding the same condom production. In the statement, the telecommunication company stated it had neither produced nor authorised the production of condoms on its behalf. The company indicated it had launched an investigation into the matter.

“MTN Ghana wishes to state categorically that it has neither produced nor authorised the production of condoms on its behalf for any purposes whatsoever. MTN has launched an immediate investigation into the matter”

MTN Ghana- Press Statement


Dubawa set out to verify if MTN Ghana’s stance had changed since the company issued a press statement in 2015. It has not.

“We are not into condom production; we are a telecoms company,” Ms. Efua Falconer, Corporate Communications Manager at MTN Ghana told Dubawa. 

The company additionally disclosed that all its products are advertised on radio, television and social media. Also, they urged all customers to be on the lookout for scam publications.

“MTN holds all its cherished customers in high esteem hence we put out scam publications from time to time so they do not fall prey to scammers. All our products put out there are advertised on radio, TV and social media which currently happens to be a medium that is used by a high percentage of our customers”

Asantewaacustomer service representative

Furthermore, checks conducted on MTN Ghana’s website verified no mention of condoms (or any other contraceptive) among the company’s products and services.


MTN is not behind the MTN-branded condoms that have recently resurfaced on social media. When the images first went viral in June 2015, MTN Ghana dissociated itself from the contraceptive saying it had neither produced nor authorised the production of condoms. Corporate Communications Manager at MTN, Ms. Efua Falconer told Dubawa this position has not changed.

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