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NOT FAKE! A4 sheets were used to decorate African Games medal podium

Claim: Some social media media users are alleging that viral images of athletes standing on a medal podium decorated with A4 sheets at African games in Ghana is fake.

Verdict: The viral images are not fake. Checks by DUBAWA indicate that the photos were taken at the GCB Hall at the University of Ghana during the medal presentation ceremony for weightlifters.   

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Ghana is hosting the 13th African games which opened on Friday March 8, 2024 in Accra. 

The hosting of the games has however been shrouded in a lot of controversy including concerns about the cost of hosting the tournament and the lack of support for Ghanaian athletes  by local sports federations.  

These have attracted many criticisms from some sports journalists and the general public against the government and its ministries and agencies responsible for sports. 

The most recent criticism has been about the use of A4 sheets to decorate medal podiums.

This came after a viral photo showing athletes behind the podium decorated with A4 sheets that had numbers indicating the positions of each athlete. 

However, many other social media posts such as this and that say the viral photo is fake. They have accompanied  their posts with contrary evidence of better decorated podiums used at the games. 

Due to the controversy over whether the incident did take place, DUBAWA has decided to investigate the claim.


DUBAWA first checked to discover if the viral photo with the A4 sheets on the podium was altered or ‘photoshopped’. 

A general search on social media revealed multiple sources of the viral photo in question. Among the materials found by DUBAWA are unedited and a Facebook live video from one of the games that confirmed the use of A4 sheets on the podium. 

These footage  include this, this, and this. 

Further evidence obtained by DUBAWA reveals that the podium in question was used during the weightlifting competition at the GCB Hall of the University of Ghana.

Photo of Ghanaian weightlifter, Winnifred Ntumi and her family after she won gold & 2 silver medals at the games with the A4 sheet decorated podium in the background. 

Photo credit: Baba Adam

Emmanuel Dogbevi, the Editor for Ghana Business News who is covering the games tells DUBAWA that:

“As of Tuesday March 12, 2024, when they were giving medals to the female weightlifters, they used the podiums with the A4 sheets on it, but today (Wednesday, March 13, 2024) when I arrived here, it was time for the medal presentation to the male weightlifter and they have replaced the podium but the old one with the A4 sheets are still on the stage as I speak.”

Photo showing the new podium (green arrow) with the old podium (red arrow) kept on the event stage. Credit: Emmanuel Dogbevi.


The claim that viral photos showing medal podiums decorated with A4 sheets at the African Games is fake, is untrue. Multiple multimedia evidence including photos and videos from the weightlifting competition showed that that podium was used.  

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