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NPP thugs who invaded UTV studios were not fined  ¢200

Claim: NPP youth who disrupted a live program on UTV will pay a fine of ¢200, as suggested by social media and mainstream online platforms.

Verdict: This is false. The 200 penalty units fine translates to ¢2,400 and not  ¢200.

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At least 16 members affiliated with the New Patriotic Party have been arrested, convicted, and fined 200 penalty units each by the Achimota Magistrate Court.

This was after they were charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and rioting, following their invasion of UTV studios during a live broadcast. They pleaded guilty to the charges.

Following a public statement by the police on the judgement, some social media users interpreted the 200 penalty units to mean ¢200.

A news card from one of the country’s leading online news portals, Myjoyonline.com, which expresses the ¢200 fine has gone viral.

Myjoyonline.com was found to have published a story to that effect but have since corrected it.

Other users found to have interpreted the 200 penalty units to mean ¢200 can be found here, here, here, here, and here.


According to the Fines (Penalty Units) Act 200 (Act 572), fines are to be expressed in terms of a number of penalty units.

Currently, the monetary value of a penalty unit stands at ¢12.00.

So, the convicted youth will pay GHS 2,400 each (with 200 penalty units amounting to only ¢12.00).


The monetary value of the 200 penalty units fine slapped on the 16 convicted youths amounts to ¢2,400 and not ¢200 as expressed online.

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