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Satire: Photo not about an Italian saving a boy who did not observe road traffic regulations, just meant to be funny

Claim: A Facebook post claims to show an Italian who saved English boy who crossed a road without looking in London.

The photo shows a bus on the streets of London and an image from the 2020 England versus Italy final edited into one image and does not depict what the accompanying text suggests. It was to make light of the match, according to the social media user who shared the post.

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A Facebook post by Stade Afrique suggests that an image, shown below, shows an Italian who saved an English boy who was crossing the street without looking. The post has received 2.1K likes and has been shared multiple times. 

Image source: Facebook.com

Although many users have received the post in a comical manner, some users seem not to have gotten the joke.

“So they came onto the streets in their jerseys. Abi?” one Facebook user asked while others have called out Stade Afrique a liar for posting the image. 


Using TinEye reverse image search, we ran a search on the Facebook post and found an existing picture of the bus without the two men. 

Following this, comments from some Facebook users suggested that the men in the picture are footballers from the just ended Euro 2020 finals. We followed this lead and found it to be true.

The UEFA Euro 2020 final match took place at Wembley Stadium in London, England on July 11, 2021. The match was played between Italy and England where both teams scored a goal, leading to an extra time and penalties where Italy won 3-2. 

During the match, Giorgio Chiellini was seen gripping Bukayo Saka as seen in the image below. 

Image source: Flipboard 

The above image has been edited into an image of a London bus as seen below.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

We found the image of the bus in Wikimedia Commons and were able to compare the image in the Facebook post and the two images identified to confirm that these were the two images edited together.

We also contacted Stade Afrique and were able to confirm that the image was meant to be comical.

“Yeah o.o…Just interested in the fun but most people can’t chill anymore…Tells us how bad our environment is now. People can’t laugh anymore,” they told Dubawa.


The claimed photo does not show an italian saving an English man who failed to observe the road traffic before crossing. It was a comical play on the results of the match between Italy and England.

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