Terms of Use

Dubawa remains the sole proprietor and holds the copyright of all content on the site including but not limited to literary pieces and media; save for instances of clearly referenced media borrowed from other sites. 

We allow usage of Dubawa content provided it falls within the lines of reporting and journalism; as well as discussing trends related to news and media. However, the usage of the site content has to be adequately done with regards to clear author and site attribution. You can do this by retaining the article or fact-checks’ byline; further adding a note stating it is a republished version with a link to the original on ghana.dubawa.org.

Use of our content that falls outside the parameters outlined above requires permission from Dubawa (contact@dubawa.org). The illegal use of site content is liable to prosecution under the Copyright Act of 1970. “Illegal use” includes but not limited to:

  • Unauthorized use of site logo to reference abstract pieces or materials;
  • Plagiarism concerning literary pieces;
  • Publishing of part or entire pieces from Dubawa’s website without proper attribution;
  • Unauthorized creation of an electronic database constituting all or part of Dubawa’s intellectual property.

As stated earlier, Dubawa occasionally references other site’s content in our pieces. However, it is essential to note that this is not an indication of partisanship, endorsement or sponsorship to or from said sites. Additionally, we have no control over these sites content or policies as well as how they may affect you. Once you click such a hyperlink and leave our domain, you are liable to any incurred risks or damages. 

We strive always to publish up-to-date, factual and evidence-based information. However, we are not liable to how this data utilized affects you and any charges or backlash faced by its utilization. 

Dubawa holds the prerogative to update or change terms of use at any time without informing the public.

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