Was Bishop Obinim Freed to offer prayers to his captors?

The police who were sent to arrest Bishop Obinim went back to his house for prayers following his release on bail.

Bishop Obinim was still in Police custody at the time the photos started making the rounds. The photo in the posts is dated and unrelated to his recent arrest.

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Information circulating on social media and online portals suggests that the Head Pastor of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, also known as Angel Obinim, has been released after making bail and was photographed while praying for the very police officials who arrested him. The post shows a picture of Mr Obinim praying for eight kneeling police officers. 

Other versions of the story as published by some news and information portals like, with the headline “Police Officers Run To Angel Obinim For Prayers Amidst Arrest – BEGS the angel for forgiveness of SINS” have also been circulated. This particular publication has made it into other portals like


Dubawa’s Google reverse image search revealed that the picture showing the eight police officers being prayed for by Mr Obinim has been in circulation in the media space since 2019. It cannot, therefore, be connected to the ongoing events of the pastor’s arrest for false publication and forgery in 2020. The specific reason for the purported prayers remains unknown. However, reported that the officers were receiving blessings from Obinim at the time of writing their report in 2019.

It is worth noting that at the time the pictures started circulating on May 20, Mr Obinim was still in Police custody. He was released from custody on Friday, May 23 after meeting bail conditions.


Bishop Obinim was still in custody at the time the photos and information popped up. The pictures are first appeared online in 2019 and therefore cannot be related to recent happenings.

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