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Governance & Organisation


Our governance and organizational structure is transparent and made up of some of the most ethically sound and respected professionals in the community. Their profiles are openly documented in this page.

DUBAWA is supervised by an advisory board which includes professionals from diverse backgrounds who are the finest in their field.  They help to hold the management of the platform focused on its core mission of amplifying the culture of truth in public discourse, public policy, and journalistic practice in the country. Their responsibilities include scrutinizing the performance of management in meeting DUBAWA’s agreed goals and objectives and monitoring performance.

The board is supported by a panel of editorial experts (also known as the editorial board) who are drawn from the media and have proven strong ethical backgrounds. They review the operations of the platform, promote and extend its footprints in the media. They also ensure that its day-to-day professional outputs conform to the principles of the IFCN.

DUBAWA’s day to day operations is undertaken by PTCIJ.


DUBAWA operates with a clear workflow which properly defines the roles, responsibilities and deadlines that each team member must adhere to. The DUBAWA fact-checking team is composed of a handful of experts who develop fact-checked stories in a structured way, reflecting the basic tenets of fact-checking. Our team members are selected based on their ability to conduct comprehensive research on a wide range of topics, use data to provide information, their knowledge of key fact-checking principles, and their ability to apply these principles appropriately to all produced stories.

The head of this team is the editor who approves all stories before publication and commissions any accompanying graphics and visualizations to the story. The editor also doubles as the programme officer and is responsible for directing the overall project and ensuring that fact-checked stories are produced in a timely, cost-efficient and excellent manner.

The assistant editor is responsible for providing the first-level editorial support required for the platform. On a regular basis, the editor reviews and edits all draft fact-checks/articles, checking for quality of evidence, grammatical and evidential errors.

The researchers consist of internal and external men and women who provide quality content for the Dubawa website, following the laid down rules to facilitate the editing process. They go the extra mile by creating awareness for the Dubawa and encouraging the citizenry to participate in fact-check to alter the prevalence and focus of fake news in the country. 

To see the full profile of our team, see this page.