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Alan Kyerematen not giving free 10GB data to supporters

Claim: Alan Kyerematen is giving supporters 10GB of free data to rally online support as he resigns from NPP.

Verdict: False. According to a campaign team member for Movement for Change, Mr Kyerematen’s campaign does not offer anyone such.

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A text circulating on WhatsApp and other social media sites indicates that:

“Alan Kyerematen organisation partners with all network providers to give out 10GB free data and 20GH airtime vouchers to supporters to celebrate and to rally online.”

The writer also advised people to claim theirs. Different network links were provided for people who wanted to get the data. The links can be found , , , and . Applicants were also assured of getting the data when clicking any links. 

However, when the is clicked, you will be asked to “enter your phone number” and proceed. After your number is validated,  you are asked to choose your preferred network and click send. After this is done, a pop-up message will read, “Congratulations! Your number (phone number entered) can receive 10GB + 20GH. Proceed to activate your 10GB + 20GH. The person will then receive the following instructions:

•          Share it with five groups or 15 friends on WhatsApp (click on the “SHARE” icon below)

•          You will be redirected automatically to our “ACTIVATION” page after the RED verification bar is filled.”

Image: screenshot of the webpage after you input your details.

Image: screenshot of the webpage after you input your details.

The circulation of the message on WhatsApp indicates that people have tried the process, so they share it in the platform groups. However, is Mr Kyerematen giving supporters free 10GB of data?


An investigation by DUBAWA on the official campaign website of Mr Kyerematen revealed that there is no such package for supporters. The website is actively soliciting supporters’ donations to run Mr. Kyerematen’s campaign.

DUBAWA’s researcher also spoke to Kanyiti Kotomah, the deputy operations manager of Mr. Kyerematen’s campaign team, who dismissed the text and admonished their followers to disregard it.

Additional investigation by DUBAWA through Scam-detector and Scam Adviser suggests that the links to the 10GB of free data from Mr. Kyerematen may be dubious.

In the viral message, the spelling of various network providers is incorrect. Vodafone is spelt “VODAFON,” and AT, formerly known as AirtelTigo, is being separated as “AIRTEL” and “TICO.”


The text circulating on WhatsApp claiming that Mr. Kyeremateng is sharing free 10GB data and a 20GH airtime voucher is false.

This report was produced under the Department of Communication Studies and DUBAWA’s project to improve fact-checking competence and practice among Ghanaian media organisations with support from UNESCO IPDC.

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