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DUBAWA Ghana’s Jonas Nyabor wins Africa Check’s 2022 Professional Fact-Checker Award

DUBAWA Ghana fellow Jonas Nyabor has been named winner of Africa Check’s 2022 Professional Fact-Checker Award.

He received the award during the Africa Fact-Checking Summit, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nyabor won the prestigious award with his analysis of the coordinated behaviour of social media accounts behind #JusticeforAlbert campaigning against the COVID-19 vaccination in Ghana.

The campaign demanded ‘justice’ for Albert, a young man who reportedly died two days after taking a COVID-19 vaccine. 

In the report, it was revealed that some of the accounts central to the hashtag’s amplification had bot-like behaviour.

“A visualisation of the network of tweets around the hashtag showed that those involved in the coordinated inauthentic behaviour mentioned President Akufo-Addo, often criticising him and the government for the vaccination plan,” the report indicated.

The full report is online and can be read here

Mr Nyabor, a multimedia journalist and new media trainer, joined DUBAWA Ghana in 2020 through the Kwame Karikari Fact-checking and Research Fellowship.

That same year, he was the 1st runner-up in the best fact-checker category in the DUBAWA Fellowship fact-checking awards.

Since joining the team, he has investigated and debunked dozens of claims on important subjects such as the economy, politics, and health.

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