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Election 2020: Who are the three ‘extra’ Essikado-Ketan parliamentary candidates?

Following our previous fact-check that confirmed that the Electoral Commission (EC) published results for six instead of the three candidates who contested the Parliamentary seat in the Essikado-Ketan Constituency, we received several feedbacks and questions. 

One of the questions sought to know who the three extra candidates who were apparently added mistakenly to the EC’s Essikado-Ketan parliamentary election results  were. 

As a reminder, the names were:

CandidatePolitical partyVote obtainedPercentage
Samuel AbokyiGFP2600.27
Asamoah AgyemanPNC260.06
Sadick SarfoNDP270.06

Series of online searches we ran revealed that all three persons were actual candidates in other constituencies.

We found that Asamoah Agyeman and Sadick Sarfo of the People’s National Convention (PNC) and the National Democratic Party (NDC) respectively were both parliamentary candidates in the Asunafo South constituency of the Ahafo region. 

The notice of poll in that constituency also confirmed their identities and corresponding political parties.

Notice of poll from Asunafo South constituency

No record was found of a Samuel Abokyi contesting on the ticket of the Ghana Freedom Party. Our further search, however, showed that Samuel Abokyi contested on the ticket of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) as a parliamentary candidate in the Prestea Huni Valley constituency of the Western region. 

Results from the two constituencies all three candidates contested in confirmed the number of votes the EC attributed to them on the Essikado-Ketan parliamentary result document. 

C:\Users\Jonas\Desktop\Prestea Huni valley.jpg
Pink sheet from Prestea Huni Valley


The three extra names added by the Electoral Commission to the Essikado-Ketan parliamentary election results document are actual candidates who contested the elections in different constituencies. 

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