False: CNN has not declared NDC winners of the just ended 2020 Ghana Elections

A Facebook page claims CNN has announced Ghana’s opposition leader winner of the national elections.

Our checks reveal the full-length video on CNN which was from the 2016 elections and not the just-ended 2020 elections.

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Social media users claim a CNN report indicates the leader of the opposition political party has been declared winners of the just-concluded elections in Ghana.  

The claim has been shared on Facebook and other platforms

Source: Facebook

The picture was again shared by NDC WEB on Facebook claiming yet again that the opposition NDC had been declared the winner. 

Image source: CrowdTangle (Facebook)

When trying to access this particular link, it appears as unavailable as seen below.

Image source: Facebook

Both posts were flagged by CrowdTangle as overperforming posts, suggesting that there was a huge push of the narrative on the Facebook platform.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is the main opposition political party in the country; its flag bearer is former President John Dramani Mahama.


Dubawa ran a check on the CNN website and found that the video was from the 2016 general elections in Ghana and not the just concluded elections. Watch the full length of the video on CNN

The claimant used the photo deceptively to announce a premature win for the opposition NDC.

In 2016, the NPP was in opposition with the NDC serving as the ruling party. The video from CNN was to show that the then opposition NPP had been declared winners in the 2016 general elections.

The current state of the elections in Ghana

The Electoral Commission (EC), the mandated institution to call the elections, has not yet declared a winner of the presidential elections. It had announced before the general elections that a winner would be declared within 24 hours of elections. This timeline could however not be met by the EC.

Source: Twitter(EC)


The claim is false. The Electoral Commission has not declared a winner for the just-ended presidential election.

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