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False! Military not deployed in Assin North

Claim: The IGP has made it clear that election security is the responsibility of the Police. So what duties will the 500 soldiers deployed and on their way to Assin North be performing tomorrow? Is this deployment at the request of the IGP? Somebody must provide urgent answers.


DUBAWA first contacted the claimant, Kwame Governs Agbodza, Member of Parliament of Adaklu, to provide the source for his claim. When he was asked to provide the source, he said: “I am busy in the constituency right now. I will call you back.” He hung up immediately after that.

DUBAWA proceeded to the military High Command to discover if military men were deployed. The researcher spoke to the Director of PR, Captain GN Larbi, who said; “It’s false. Military officials have not been deployed in Assin North. Just like the Kumawu by-election, GAF did not deploy any troops.”

DUBAWA then contacted journalists and observers from the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) Ghana in the ongoing by-elections to find out if they have seen military officers playing any role at all in the elections. All the journalists and observers DUBAWA spoke to denied seeing military officers in the areas they have been to so far.

A man clad in military paraphernalia was arrested by the police for impersonation, as captured in the video here. 


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