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False; Government has not banned recruitment into security agencies!

Claim: A supposed statement from the Ministry of Finance claims that the government has placed a ban on recruitment of personnel into various security agencies 

The Ministry of Finance has denied authoring the said statement and described it as fake. 

Full text

Many social media platforms were on Monday night flooded with one-page memo purportedly issued by the Ministry of Finance to various heads of institutions notifying them of a decision by President Nana Akufo-Addo for all recruitments into state security agencies to be put on hold primarily because of lack of funds.

The said memo formed the basis for some news publications such as this, this and that which were shared on social media as well. 

“President Nana Akufo-Addo has, through the Ministry of Finance, directed that all recruitment into state security institutions should be put on hold until the rightful clearance or instruction is communicated. A communiqué from the Finance Ministry warned that there will be no money for logistics and salaries for the new recruits if they were to complete their training,” reported Classfmonline.

 While memos of that nature are not strange, the content was suspicious. 



The principal red flags sighted in the document were the many grammatical errors and incoherence in the sentences particularly in the first paragraph. 

There were also some spelling errors uncharacteristic of information from the Ministry of Finance. 

The Ministry of Finance in a press release subsequently denied the claims that a moratorium has been placed on recruitments into the various security agencies.

It said the publications are false and should be disregarded.

“We entreat all Ghanaians to disregard the letter in its entirely as it smacks of an attempt by unscrupulous persons to create mischief,” a part of the ministry’s statement said. 

C:\Users\Jonas\Desktop\Finance Ministry statement.JPG


It is untrue that the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Finance has asked security agencies to suspend all new recruitments as a result of lack of funds.   

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