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Libya video not Russian fighter jet shot down by Ukrainian forces

Claim: Social media users posted a video claiming that it was a Russian fighter jet that had been shot down by Ukraine. 

The video first emerged online in 2011.

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Social media users are posting a video online, claiming that it is a Russian jet fighter that had been shot down by Ukrainian forces. 

These claims are viral and can be found here, here, here, and here.

The claim comes as tension escalates between Russia and Ukraine with threats of military attacks

Screenshot of two users who have posted the video. 

The videos have attracted tens of thousands of viewers with many people sharing them across various online platforms.


Using the InVID verification tool, we fragmented the video into keyframes and then proceeded to undertake a reverse image search.

DUBAWA found that the same video had been uploaded on YouTube by Channel 4 News in March 2011.

The description of the video reads as: “A jet appears to have been shot down over Benghazi. There are reports Colonel Gaddafi’s troops have entered the Libyan city despite claims of a ceasefire.”

Several online publications were also found about the same period concerning a Libyan jet that was shot down in Benghazi.

Such stories were published by www.theguardian.com and www.abc.go.com

The Associated Press has also published an image from the incident. It indicated that the image was created on March 19, 2011 – the same day that Channel 4 News published the video.


DUBAWA rates the claim as false because the video long existed before the recent escalation of tension between Russia and Ukraine.

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