No Cash Lost in GRA Fire!

A number of blogs claimed that the Ghana Revenue Authority lost GHc 147 million cash in Head Office Annex fire.

No cash was lost to the fire, according to the GRA. Also, the story was originally published as a satire but was reported by other platforms without a caveat. 

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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) lost GHc 147 million cash in the fire that ravaged its Head Office Annex at Circle in Accra. This claim was made by websites and blogging portals following Sunday morning’s fire.

It took a joint force from the Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Police Service and the Ghana Armed Forces at least six hours to douse the fire.


Our checks show that the claim was first published by News@7, a ‘satirical website’. It was rated a satire by the website. However, it appears other platforms and sites which carried and reported it almost verbatim missed the satire rating.  

The GRA has also denied the claim.

“No loss of life, cash or cheques was recorded,” it said in a press statement.

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