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No, this woman’s teeth were not removed by a cheating boyfriend

Claim: Boyfriend used pliers to remove teeth of his girlfriend of three weeks for ransacking his room for cheating.

The lady is by name Bukelwa Moerane, a Data Scientist  from South Africa who had her teeth removed in an attempt to escape kidnap, rape and murder.

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A Viral picture of a lady without her two front teeth shared by @Aqualady6666 on  Twitter, by  Obrempon Agya Yaw Barimah on Facebook,  a 1.46 video by Charlievibez with 13.5k subscribers  on  YouTube showing only pictures with commentary and by  news portals such as www.9jatv.com, thegeniusmedia.com, www.airviewsnews.com,www.wobeti.com, among many others with some making references to the post by @Aqualady6666.  All sources suggest the lady’s three weeks- old boyfriend removed her teeth with a plier for ransacking his room for cheating.

The post on  Twitter by @Aqualady6666  captioned “This lady caught her 3 weeks old boyfriend cheating, then went to his house and destroyed all his properties and the man used a plier to remove her teeth.” 

The post has so far generated 2,152 likes, 1,001 retweets, 695 quote tweets as at the time of filing this report.

Screenshot of the post from Twitter

People have since been reacting differently to the claim

Screenshot of some comments

The Facebook  post by Obrempon Agya Yaw Barimah with the  caption ‘who loses, the lady or the guy?’ reads:  “Lady loses two front teeth for ransacking boyfriend’s room. The woman in the picture below found out that the boyfriend she had dated for 3 weeks was cheating on her. The lady in anger went to his place and destroyed everything in the guy’s  house. He then went to her place, beat her up and then took a plier and pulled out her 2 front teeth.”

Screenshot of the post 

This post has generated some comments on Facebook.

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Dubawa conducted an image reverse search and found out that the picture was first published on 11th May 2017 on Twitter by Bukelwa Moerane, the victim on her Twitter handle @bukelwamoerane and narrates her ordeal with the tag #MenAreTrash. 

Screenshot of @buwalkamoerane post

According to her, she sustained injuries and lost her teeth during scuffles with her kidnappers on 12th February 2017. 

Image source: images.app.goo.gl

Moerane’s story was reported in an article by Sibongile Mashaba, a deputy news editor at Sowetan, on  pressreader.com/South Africa and titled “Kidnapper’s survival tale – Bukelwa Moerane to get her smile back” on 22 May, 2017. 

“Bukelwa Moerane has lost one most beautiful thing in her life – her smiles. This came after the 24 year old jumped out of a moving car on a dark road in Soweto a few weeks ago and lost Some of her teeth as she had been attacked during a kidnapping,” the article reads.

The report also revealed that Philemon Khorombi, spokesman for the Soweto East Police, said a kidnapping case was being investigated on the matter.

Moreover, news24.com on 2nd June, 2017 granted her an interview where she narrated the incident.

Furthermore, a video of one minute and 58 seconds available on YouTube saw Bukelwa Moerane, the victim, narrating the incident herself in a gathering.


The narrative that the picture of a lady without her two front teeth removed by her boyfriend for ransacking his room for cheating is false. 

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