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No, viral video of man getting electrocuted did not happen because he was wearing earphones

Claim: A Twitter user alleged that a man got electrocuted for using a Bluetooth device beside a railway tension line.

Verdict: False. The viral video happened in India when a live wire fell on a railway officer at Kharagpur station.

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On January 13, 2023, Twitter user @Anko_Benjamin shared a video of a man falling on a railway line while talking to another person. In the dramatic visuals, he is seen falling down the tracks suddenly with his head down while the official talking to him runs away in shock. In an attempt to explain what happened, @Kent4890 indicated that the man suffered injuries for using an earphone beside a railway tension line.

The post says, “AVOID using Bluetooth earpieces close to HIGH-TENSION electrical facilities & cables, e.g. railway stations. The electrical current from the cables might be struck directly by the brain, precipitating quick death. Share & retweet for friends & family. #AndrewKibe #SafaricomExposed.”

The video has received over 850,000 views and over 200 retweets.


DUBAWA conducted a reverse image search and found a report published on India Today, a news website in India, on December 8, 2022. The report indicated that the incident happened at Kharagpur railway station in West Bengal.

According to the report, the railway official named Sujan Singh Sardar, a travelling ticket examiner (TTE) was standing beside the railway line when a high-voltage wire snapped over his head. After carefully analysing the video, we found that a high-voltage wire had snapped over the young man’s head.

Source: Twitter.

A further web search revealed that an Indian Chennai railway official, Ananth Rupanagudi, explained on Twitter that a freak accident occurred because a long cable fell on the man’s head.

In a Twitter post, he said, “A freak accident – a long piece of loose cable, taken by a bird, somehow came in contact with the OHE wire, and the other end came down and touched a TTE’s head. He suffered burn injuries but is out of danger and under treatment – at Kharagpur station yesterday afternoon! #Accident” This tweet was made on December 8, 2022.


The ticket collector has been identified as Sujan Singh Sardar. However, it is untrue that he was electrocuted because he was using a Bluetooth device. According to reports, he was standing beside the railway line when a high-voltage wire snapped over his head.

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