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True, armoured tank ran over civilian car in Ukraine, but  owners of vehicle still in doubt 

Claim: A Russian tank ran over a civilian’s car and crushed it along with its occupants in Ukraine.

Even though the incident happened in Ukraine during the Russia/ Ukraine war, we cannot determine if the armoured car was that of Russia.  

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A Facebook user, Emmanuel Nova, has claimed that a Russian armoured car has run over a civilian’s car in Ukraine and crushed it along with occupants. 

The video was posted with the following caption; “A heartbroken video coming up from Ukraine 🇺🇦💔 The moment Russian 🇷🇺 tank deliberately run over a Civilian car and crushed it along with the occupant.”

It was posted in relation to the current war between Ukraine and Russia. The video has received over 600,000 views and over 1,000 comments. While others say the armoured vehicle is that of Russia, others have attributed it to a Ukrainian tank that lost control.

Source: Facebook comments

Ukraine has been battling the Russian invasion  over the past three days, with the latter making inroads into areas of Kyiv and other cities. Several casualties have been recorded. The occupants of the vehicle in the video were alleged to be part of those casualties.


DUBAWA ran a quick google search in a text with the caption “Russia armoured car runs into civilians in Ukraine.” The search brought up numerous news articles with the same video popping up. It has been reported by nbcnews.com theguardian.com standard.co.uk indianpress.com amongst others.

But did the incident take place in Ukraine? The evidence suggests it did. DUBAWA  further monitored other international news portals and  found a detailed video of the incident on Sky News. They had reported the incident on their Twitter page. According to Sky News, they were able to locate the video by “matching buildings and road markings on Google Maps” and found out that the incident happened in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

They showed that the roundabout is “intersected by a tramline, which has been marked in yellow. And in blue you can see that the shape of the buildings matches.”

DUBAWA  did its checks on Google map and found that the incident indeed happened at the Zoi Haidai street in the Obolon District in Kyiv the capital of Ukraine.

Even though some news portals including nypost.com have linked the armoured vehicle to Russia, it is not yet clear whether Russian or Ukrainian forces were driving the vehicle.

Further investigations also show that the only occupant of the civilian car, an old man, was found alive and trapped. He was later rescued. 

Source: Twitter and Google Maps


The incident indeed happened in Ukraine as part of the ongoing war with Russia, but we can not confirm if  Russian or Ukrainian forces were driving the armoured car. It is also clear that the occupant was found alive.

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