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Video claiming COVID-19 vaccines weaponised to depopulate the world, eliminate Africans false

Claim: A viral video clip claims vaccines are targeted at eliminating Africans.

The claim that vaccines are meant to eliminate Africans is false and the statement on vaccines is not related to COVID-19 vaccines. 

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With the growing spread of misinformation and different theories surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine in relation to Africa, a 30-second video going viral on social media claims there is a plan to eliminate Africans through vaccines.

In the video, a witness named Dr Robert O. Young who was answering questions from a set of panellists said there were too many people in the world and there was the need to get rid of them starting off in Africa.

“For the purpose of sterilization and population control, there is too many people on the planet we need to get rid off in the words of Bill Gate, at least 3billion people need to die. So we will just start off in Africa. We will start doing our research there and we will eliminate most of the Africans because they are deplorable, they are worthless, they are not part of this world economy so they have their rights taken away and they are surpressed and experimented”

Excerpt of Dr Robert’s statement.

Screenshot of the viral video.


Dubawa researched the witness (Dr Robert O. Young) in the video and discovered that Dr Young is an American naturopathic practitioner and author of alternative medicine books. 

Dubawa also conducted a Google reverse image search with screenshots of the video which led to a report on January 13, 2021, by Everyday.ng

Screenshot of Everyday’s report.

According to this report, the video was filmed at the International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) sittings in Bali, Indonesia at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Weaponization of the Biosphere in June 2019.

The video has, however, been gaining traction since emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination. 

This report led us to the ITNJ website where we saw different clips of this sitting from different days without finding Dr Young’s statement. 

Screenshot of ITNJ’s website.

The 10-minute clip of Day one covered the opening introduction of the Bali sitting in June 2019.

Screenshot of Day 1 sitting on ITNJ’s website.

Day two clip covered ITNJ Trustee Emeritus, Sacha Stone, giving a speech.

Screenshot of Day 2 sitting on ITNJ’s website.

The link available on the site for the full clip of the seating led to a YouTube video that could not be accessed.

Screenshot of Youtube page with the private video.

Dubawa then went ahead to search for Dr Young’s testimony at the ball seating. Dubawa found a Youtube video of one hour and 38 minutes  that contained Dr. Robert O Young’s testimony.

Screenshot of the Youtube video containing Dr Young’s testimony.

The video was posted on Youtube with a short summary that explained that Dr Young’s statement provides the how and why the state department put him out of business and in jail because of his natural treatment to cure cancer. 

Going through the video, Dubawa learnt Dr Young was trying to make the point that the different vaccines given to children in the first six years of their life, from the measles vaccine to the polio vaccine are more poisonous than helpful. 

The short clip going viral was trimmed out of the full testimony towards the end of the video, where Dr Young quoting Bill Gate, said these vaccines are meant to kill and reduce the world population. It is, however, noteworthy to note that the claim on depopulation by Dr Young accredited to Bill Gate has been debunked.

While the statement in the viral clip is true and taken from the original full video of Dr Young’s testimony, it is not related to COVID-19 vaccines.


Dubawa’s findings show that while it is true that Dr Young made such a statement in an original video from the ITNJ seating, his statement was taken out of context as his statement and the seating have no relation with COVID-19. The time of this seating also discredits this video’s connection to COVID-19 which happened 5 months before COVID-19 broke out in December 2019. This makes the claim false and misleading.

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