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Video from staged Austrian climate change protest miscaptioned to fit Russia-Ukraine war

Claim: A video of a supposed dead man moving in a body bag during a live TV report has gone viral on social media. Internet users have captioned it as part of recent events in the current Russia-Ukraine war.

The video is from Austria and it was from a protest against climate policy.

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A  video of a supposed dead man moving in a bag during a live TV report has gone viral on social media. It is captured as part of the casualty Ukraine had suffered following attacks from Russia.

In the video, there were several other bagged, supposedly lifeless bodies neatly arranged by the roadside.  In the background of the live report are cameramen panning their way in rows of the supposed deceased persons. One of the supposedly dead persons could be seen covering himself up with the body bag.

These claims with the caption “Ukrainian Health Ministry: 57 dead, 169 hurt across Ukraine as Russia launches attack” can be found on Twitter (here, here, here, here, and here)

The video comes as misinformation and disinformation are on the rise about the Russia-Ukraine war situation.


To authenticate the claim, DUBAWA used an InVID verification tool to fragment the video into keyframes.

A Google reverse image search was then conducted to identify matching images. 

Among the search results was a link to a YouTube video that had been uploaded on February 4, 2022.

The caption of the video was in German, but when translated to English, it reads as: “Vienna: Demo against climate policy.”

The video was uploaded by Austrian television channel OE24.TV and it was a longer version of what had gone viral on social media.

The scene in the video which has given room for the controversy can be found between minutes 1:10 and 1:40.

A matching scene from the OE24.TV video on YouTube (Left) and the viral video following tension between Ukraine and Russia (Right)

In fact, the people were staging what is widely known as a “die-in” protest.


The video had been miscaptioned to create the impression that it was a report from the Russia-Ukraine situation.

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