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Viral image purported to be Pokuase overhead false

Claim: A Facebook user claim an image of a raised canal built across roads intersection with waterway is Ghana’s Pokuase overhead 

Findings show it is Belgium sart canal bridge and not pokuase overhead. 

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A Facebook user shared an image of a raised canal built across roads  intersection surrounded by green fields with a waterway and claimed it is that of the pokuase overhead in Accra, Ghana.

The photo captioned ” Accra POKUASE overhead is one of most beautiful place in Africa, God bless Ghana leaders”

Image: Screenshot  of the post

This post which was published on the 29th September, 2021  has been shared  on both facebook and WhatsApp and has generated a lot of comments and  debate.

Image: Screenshot of the post shared on whatsapp
Image: Screenshot of some comments on Facebook


Dubawa conducted a google image reverse search and found out that the  photo was uploaded as a video (0.24 seconds) on YouTube by one Rizwan Hussain  on 13th March, 2017 and captioned  “pont- canal du star, Belgium.” 

Another search conducted on Google earth revealed that the purported picture is the Sart Canal Bridge in Belgium at La Louviere 

Image: Screenshot of the Sart Canal Bridge on Google Earth

Further checks revealed that this same picture of the Sart Canal Bridge in Belgium was posted by a Facebook user on May 24, 2021 and claimed to be an Aerial photo of Kafubu River in Zambia and was fact checked by AFP Fact Check to be that of the Belgium Sart Canal Bridge.

The bridge is said to have been started in October 1998 with the first stage launched in February 2000 and full work completed in 2002 and cost €29m according to greisch.com, Europe engineering and architectural website. 

According to Bureau Greisch, one of Europe’s Engineering firms, the bridge is 498m long and 46m wide. It carries the Canal du centre over the Theuriau du sart valley  at Houdeng – Aimeries and over a major road intersection ( N55 and N535) at the entrance to La Loviere. 

Pokuase Interchange 

The pokuase interchange is the first four-tier interchange in Ghana. Its  first phase was commissioned in November 2020 by President Akufo Addo.

Pictures of the Pokuase interchange is seen below:


The viral image shared on both Facebook and WhatsApp and claimed to be Pokuase overhead is false. 

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