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Viral video of school pupils being fed with watery beans is not from Ghana

Claim: Social media users are sharing a video of school pupils being fed with watery beans, claiming it originates from Ghana  

The video is not from Ghana. The meal that the pupils are being served is Posho, a maize meal consumed in East Africa.

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Several calls have been made on the government to upwardly adjust its funding for the School Feeding Programme

According to the caterers of the programme, the current daily feeding grant of 97 pesewas is insufficient to enable them to provide quality meals for public school pupils.

Following these complaints, a video has gone viral on various social media networks, with users claiming it originates from Ghana’s school feeding programme.

In this 30-second video, pupils can be seen taking turns to receive a soup dish that is being served from what appears to be a plastic container.

In this soup dish, viewers can see what looks like beans.

Already in the bowls of these pupils is a meal that is whitish and looks like gari.

In one of the posts on social media, the video had attracted over 14,000 views and 189 shares.

Another user sharing the video said “The #ThiefPresident is only interested in bathing in the skies whilst these children are eating watery beans and gari. This is the reason why we must be part of the #AriseGhanaDemo

A shot from the viral video

Other instances when the video was shared can be found here and here.


Using the InVID video verification tool, a reverse image search was conducted and that led to a news publication headlined “Heartbreaking video of pupils being served 3 beans leaves people heartbroken

“A heartbreaking video has been making rounds on social media showing pupils in a certain Ugandan school being served almost sauce, with 3 beans and posho,” the story reads.

In the story, a Twitter post from Ugandan journalist, Faridah Nakazibwe, was inserted. She had also shared the 30-second video that is claimed to be originating from Ghana.

Although her caption did not suggest where the video originates from, the viewers including those who had commented claimed the meal was Posho.

Posho is said to be one of the most consumed meals in East Africa. It is prepared from maize flour. The flour is mixed with boiling water and stirred.

DUBAWA came across a video on Tiktok where the meal was prepared and served. The appearance of the soup was similar to that of the one in the viral video, except that it had more beans content.

A shot from the TikTok video


The meal that the pupils are being served is Posho, a maize meal consumed in East Africa.

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