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Viral video showing a ‘mysterious’ coconut with blood in it, fictional. It is not real blood

Claim: Coconut tree in Teshie has borne fruit with blood in it – Tiktok User.

The video creator, Emmanuel Afful, told Dubawa that it is not real blood and that it was a display of his artistic and creative skills for the social media app. He, however, does not tag his videos as such.

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A video showing a man cutting into a coconut with a resulting flow of blood from it has gone viral on social media. 

The TikTok User, @flybebe1981, stated in text in the video,

“#mysterious coconut tree discovered in Ghana greater Accra teshie…”

Image: Screenshot of video

In the video, he says,

“Amazing coconut tree in the world. I spotted this tree in Ghana, Greater Accra. Teshie to be precise. I plucked one coconut on the tree, I peeled it and what I saw in the coconut, the content in the coconut was amazing, surprising. I cut and what I was is blood!!!. Yes, blood. Real blood. It was surprising. It was amazing. I have never seen such a thing in my life before. This is amazing.”

The video has been watched 272.6k times and gathered over 9000 likes and has been shared over 2000 times. It has also been seen being circulated on WhatsApp and on YouTube

Image of YouTube posts


Dubawa called the number indicated in the video and spoke to Emmanuel Afful, creator of the video. 

“It is not real. I created it. Which one? Is it the egg one or the coconut one? Seriously, it is not real, I created it. If I give you the details, you will be tempted to do that…I can give you how I did the blood but apart from that, the details of how I managed to put in the blood, I can’t. You know normally if you want to create blood, to be real, use egg, this our normal egg, and food colour. If you mix them together, you will get the thickness of blood. And the colour, you have to mix the colour well to look like the colour, but how I manage to put it in, no. I won’t tell you. It’s dangerous,” Afful told us.

He suggested that as part of his act on Tik Tok, he creates such content. 

However, he does not tag his contents as fictional.

Another one of his other videos that has been watched 215.2k times and shows what he claims to be a “tree yielding egg.”

The tree he claims bears eggs as fruits, complete with seeds in the egg.

Image: Screenshot of video

A look at his TikTok page shows more of such incredible content.

One of his more recent videos shows him crack a blue egg that contains some bloody mush. In this particular video, however, he cautions viewers with a text, written in red at the right corner of the video, that

“Viewers discretion. This video is not real but rather creative.” 


The bloody coconut video is fake, as is most of the content created by TikTok user Flybebe1981. It is mainly for showing off his creativity.

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