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Wrong context: Viral TikTok video not about ‘side chic’ issues; neither is the location of the incident Nigeria

Claim: ‘Side chic’ caught on tape running away from boyfriend’s woman

Viral Tik Tok has nothing to do with a ‘side chic’. This incident also took place in Ghana not Nigeria as suggested by the poster.

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A TikTok user on Thursday, October 14, 2021, posted a video of a lady jumping from the window of a two-storey building and suggested it was about a ‘side chic’ issue as well as giving an indication that the incident took place in Nigeria.

The 14-second video which has already been viewed/played over 300,000 times, with 2,826 reactions including 169 comments, shows the lady jumping out a window of a two-storey building in an attempt to escape from her pursuers. 

Image: Number of times video has been watched or played – circled red. Source: TikTok

In the video, the lady, after falling from the jump, in between some parked vehicles, quickly gets up and tries to flee from the compound of the building.

While many of the comments sought to suggest that the lady was escaping from her alleged boyfriend’s wife, others said it was a scene from an action movie.

Another user, not amused by the fun being poked at the lady in the video, suggested that she could be “running away from someone that probably was hurting her.” 


In 2019, this video in question was circulated in Ghana on a number of social media platforms and other online news portals.

Ghanaweb published that the young lady had attempted to flee from a banking hall after her fraudulent activities at the bank were found out.

In addition to several other print and online publications on the incident, Yen reported that the lady almost escaped when police officers and local security men, believed to be stationed at the Ecobank Adum branch, swooped on her and arrested her on the spot. 

A Facebook search also confirmed that the incident which happened in 2019, in Kumasi, was first reported in a post by a popular sports journalist, Saddick Adams, who later updated his followers to corroborate the arrest of the lady.

Source: Facebook

According to Mr. Adams, the incident happened at the Adum branch of Ecobank and explained in his post that the said lady was a customer of the Ecobank Adum branch and had been taken for interrogation after the bank uncovered some unusual transactions on her account.

It was in the course of questioning the lady that she attempted to bolt from the bank through the window on realising her cover had been blown, and she was later arrested and taken to the police station. 

In addition to this, a Google reverse image search of the video provides several leads to confirm that the video originated from Ghana.


Based on the above information, we can sufficiently conclude that it is untrue that the video has anything to do with a ‘side chic’ and that the event in the video happened in Nigeria. 

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