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Mason Greenwood is still suspended from Manchester United and has not been relieved of charges against him

Claim: Twitter users have claimed that Manchester United Striker Mason Greenwood has been relieved of all charges and will feature in the  pre-season matches for Manchester United.

According to the Greater Manchester Police, Mason Greenwood is still on bail pending a court appearance in mid-June. A statement from Manchester United indicates that he is still suspended from the team.

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There are increasing social media posts indicating that Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been relieved of all charges and would be featured in the pre-season matches for Manchester United after he was first arrested on January 10, 2022 for allegedly sexually assaulting and abusing his ex-girlfriend Harriet Robson. He was also alleged to have threatened  to kill his girlfriend on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

The claim has been received with joy by many Twitter users. One of the posts by @wenceuche  said “Breaking News, Mason Greenwood has been relieved from all charges levelled against him, he will join MUFC squad for their pre-season tour and match against Liverpool.”

Twitter users including @naidoozak1 and @JuniorMayele8B6 with huge following have all published such claims on their timeline with reactions surpassing 32,000. A user @2ndNameBitcoin is also worried whether the reports are true.  Due to the wide reactions to the report, DUBAWA  decided to find out if it is true.


DUBAWA first directed its research lens to the website of Manchester United, since a statement would have been made by now if Greenwood had  been relieved of all charges. We found out no such statement has  been made so far, except for the one that indicates that Greenwood is still suspended from playing and training with Manchester United. This is corroborated in a statement issued by the club on February 1, 2020.

“Manchester United reiterates its strong condemnation of violence of any kind. As previously communicated, Mason Greenwood will not train with, or play for, the club until further notice,” the club said.

Meanwhile, following his arrest in February 2022,  Mason Greenwood’s bail was originally set to expire in April 2022, but the Greater Manchester Police in UK said that an application has now been made to the courts to have his bail extended thus he will  be held until mid-June 2022.

It is not clear yet what may have occasioned the sudden unsubstantiated reports of Mason Greenwood being freed from all charges.

But on his on his twitter page @markgoldbridge, Mark Goldbridge, a presenter for @UnitedStandMUFC and a radio presenter for TalkSport am sports radio station and the Global Audio Partner of the English Premier League where Manchester United plays insists such reports are untrue, and that Greenwood is still in police custody.

“Mason Greenwood remains on police bail and therefore suspended by Manchester United football club,” he said.


Mason Greenwood remains suspended by Manchester United and remains on police bail; he has not been relieved of all charges against him.

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