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Scam Alert: The W.H.O. is not running a promo!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is running a promo with brand new phones and laptops at stake – Facebook post

The Facebook page which advertised the promo is not the official Facebook page of the WHO. The Organization is not running a promo.

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According to a post on Facebook, the World Health Organization (WHO) is running an April Promo. The first 20,000 people to type the word “Winner” without being interrupted by another user will win brand new phones and laptops, according to the post.

Promo advertised on Facebook

This post has been shared widely, generating a total 427 shares across the social media platform.

Many users are participating in the “promo” with some going to the extent of leaving their telephone numbers in the comments section so the organizers can contact them if they win. 


Many alarms go off immediately anyone looks at the page in question. Firstly, the Facebook page was created just yesterday, April 26.  It is also not linked to the official Facebook page of the World Health Organisations (WHO) which was created on November 18, 2010. 

Purported WHO Facebook page

Secondly, whereas the official page is verified, this suspicious Facebook page is not. Furthermore, although the page name reads as World Health Organisation, the acronym is written differently from the original. Whereas the original page writes WHO, this Facebook page writes W.H.O-NOW. 

Official Facebook page of the WHO

Additionally, further checks from the WHO.int page has no indication of any such promo being run.

Again, no reports have been published on the existence or authenticity of such a promotion being run on any major news platform. Considering the fact that WHO is an international organisation, it is highly unlikely that it would carry out such a “promo” without it being covered by media agencies across the world. 


The WHO is not running a promo through which participants can win brand new phones and laptops. This claim is false and highly indicative of a scam. 

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