Will You Get Arrested for Owning an iPhone 11?

News site claimed that police was to arrest unemployed youth with iPhone 11Pro on Kan Dapaah’s orders.

The original source of the report and claim is a satirical website; it further warns readers that all articles published on its platform are fiction and fake. 

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A news report published on claims the Minister of National Security, Mr Albert Kan Dapaah, has threatened to have unemployed youth who own iPhone 11 Pro arrested. It further cites as the source of the story. 

The claim has been shared on social media and published verbatim by other online platforms who also cite Newsmunews as their source. 


Indeed, did publish the story but as a satire. This is evident in the disclaimer notice on the site.

What is Satire?

Satire uses ridicule, irony, humour or exaggeration to expose and criticise human shortcomings or societal problems. Satirists aim at inspiring change by mocking attitudes, values, or issues they feel need to change. Aside from Newsmunews, News@7 also publishes satire. Information originating from these sources must be consumed like what they are – satire (unless otherwise indicated).

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